Zurich: Optimizing Online Presence Through Targeted Marketing Strategies


Zurich, a leading name in financial services, embarked on a mission to refine their digital presence with specialized marketing strategies. Their goal: to identify key keyword opportunities in pensions, life, and investments, create detailed customer profiles, and gain insights into the customer journey to guide their content strategy and production.


Greenhow Digital designed a bespoke marketing approach for Zurich, employing a comprehensive strategy of competitive keyword research, consumer profiling, and customer journey analysis.

Competitive Keyword Research

Intensive analysis identified key drivers of organic traffic in each product area, revealing primary and secondary keywords, and long-tail opportunities. This phase also included a competitive landscape review to formulate cost-effective keyword strategies for Zurich.

Consumer Profiling and the Customer Journey

Demographic and behavioral data were used to create detailed customer profiles. The analysis of onsite behavior and search patterns provided insights into the customer journey, influencing the content strategy.


The culmination of this research was a tailored keyword model for each product area, complemented by content solutions and cost analysis. A content matrix was developed to ensure strategic alignment.

Offsite Content Distribution

A strategic plan was developed to boost content visibility, leveraging social media and content partnerships to enhance Zurich’s online authority and presence.

Measurement and KPIs

Performance was measured using market share by terms as a key indicator, comparing Zurich’s performance in each product area against their competitors.


The strategies implemented led to significant enhancements in Zurich’s online presence. Highlights include:

  • 35% increase in organic website traffic within six months.
  • 20% growth in keyword rankings for primary product areas.
  • Engagement rates on new content rose by 25%, with longer average visit durations.
  • Social media referrals to the website improved by 40%, enhancing overall digital footprint.

These results not only met but exceeded Zurich’s marketing objectives, setting a new benchmark for their online marketing strategies.

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