OMG London & Versuni: A Paradigm of Agile Digital Marketing


In March 2023, OMG London faced a critical challenge with the acquisition of Versuni, requiring rapid deployment of a comprehensive digital campaign. This demanded quick assembly of a specialized team for immediate action in the competitive home appliance sector.


  • Greenhow Digital swiftly mobilized a 10-person team, selecting experts known for agility and high-stakes performance.
  • Intensive onboarding and resource allocation were conducted over a weekend, ensuring immediate campaign readiness.


Budgets were strategically managed across digital channels, leading to an optimized and efficient campaign structure, enhancing Versuni’s product visibility and engagement.


  • Successful launch of over 100 global campaigns quarterly, marking a sustainable, high-performance structure.
  • Substantial market engagement, placing Versuni at the forefront of the home appliance industry.
  • Streamlined billing and ad spend, resulting in over £2 million in savings without compromising reach.

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