Mazda: Market Share Enhancement with Greenhow Digital

Client Background

Mazda, a Japanese automaker, was facing a significant challenge in capturing the online market share for brand-related searches…


Greenhow Digital analyzed the Hitwise data and found that Mazda was only receiving 20% of all brand searches…


Greenhow Digital saw an opportunity to improve Mazda’s market share by creating quality content on the website…


  1. Greenhow Digital developed a content strategy focused on creating high-quality content on the Mazda website…
  2. Working with publishers to create or refresh content that they own…
  3. Refining display targeting to focus on authoritative publishers…


Greenhow Digital’s innovative strategy led to a remarkable turnaround for Mazda’s online presence:

  • 50% increase in brand-related search traffic within a year.
  • 30% rise in market share against competitors like Audi and Ford.
  • Engagement with Mazda’s online content surged by 45%, with significant improvements in user retention and interaction.
  • Collaborations with authoritative publishers resulted in a 60% boost in referral traffic, strengthening Mazda’s online authority.

These strategic initiatives not only improved Mazda’s online market share but also established the brand as a formidable player in digital arenas.

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