Jaguar: Discover how Jaguar successfully rebranded and expanded their target audience through search data and strategic partnerships.


Jaguar’s traditional target audience has been males aged 55 and over in the ABC1 socioeconomic group. However, in 2013, they decided to rebrand and expand their target audience to include males and females aged 35 to 55.


Jaguar wanted to build a stronger affinity with their new target audience and needed to identify high-profile partnerships that would resonate with them.


By utilizing search data, we identified luxury associations that would appeal to the new target audience. Jaguar then leveraged these partnerships to build a stronger connection with their audience.


Jaguar’s rebranding efforts and targeted partnerships helped them successfully reach their new target audience.

  • 25% increase in engagement from the new target demographic.
  • Significant boost in brand perception among males and females aged 35 to 55.
  • Enhanced online presence and social media engagement, reflecting the successful rebranding.
  • Notable growth in sales among the newly targeted audience segments.

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