The IBS & Gut Health Clinic faced challenges with their online conversion rates. In response, a detailed CRO project was undertaken, focusing on improving the user experience and technical aspects of their “Book Call” page.


To improve the conversion rate of the clinic’s website.
To address technical issues affecting user interaction.
To enhance the overall user experience, particularly on mobile devices.

Strategies Implemented

A thorough analysis using Mouseflow to identify UX bottlenecks.
A/B testing on various page elements such as CTAs, imagery, and copy.
Technical optimizations to address loading and clicking issues.


A/B testing revealed a 5.23% increase in conversion rate by using new imagery.
Removing a distracting CTA from the homepage resulted in a 98% chance of beating the control variant.
Adjusting the CTA copy to ‘GO’ significantly improved performance against the control variant.
Changing the CTA color to red resulted in 77 additional conversions.

Challenges and Learnings

36% of users experienced page loading issues.
28% of users encountered clicking issues, indicating the need for a mobile-optimized design.
12% of users were interrupted by frequent popups, suggesting a need for popup optimization.

The project showcased the importance of continuous testing and data-driven decision-making in CRO. By addressing user experience issues and refining website elements, the IBS & Gut Health Clinic achieved substantial improvements in conversion rates.