PG tips: Elevating Search Visibility with Greenhow Digital

Client Background

PG tips, a renowned tea brand by Unilever, struggled with low visibility in search terms and minimal on-site engagement…


Greenhow Digital’s analysis pinpointed the need for diverse content to enhance PG tips’ online visibility and search rankings…


Spotting a chance to boost search term visibility, Greenhow Digital planned new, engaging content for PG tips…


A strategic content overhaul was implemented, focusing on the ‘benefits of tea’ to capture search demand…


The new content strategy led to impressive gains for PG tips:

  • 30% increase in site visits attributed to the new content.
  • Search ranking for ‘tea’ jumped from 27th to top 10.
  • Significant growth in user engagement and dwell time.
  • Higher conversion rates from search to site visits.

This innovative approach significantly bolstered PG tips’ digital presence and search visibility.

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