Unilever All Things Hair: YouTube Strategy Success

Client Background

Unilever, aiming to unify its hair care brands, recognized the potential in YouTube’s ‘how-to-hair’ niche…


Greenhow Digital’s analysis spotlighted an opportunity for Unilever to dominate the ‘how-to-hair’ space on YouTube…


Envisioning a top-tier YouTube channel, Greenhow Digital recognized the chance to consolidate Unilever’s hair care expertise…


Focusing on becoming the leading hair care channel on YouTube, Greenhow Digital crafted a content strategy…


Unilever’s ATH channel, backed by Greenhow Digital’s strategy, soared to YouTube fame:

  • 70% audience retention rate, highlighting engaging content.
  • 50% of video views generated via organic traffic.
  • Monthly positive sentiment consistently above 80%.
  • Significant increase in product inquiries and sales directly linked to the channel’s content.

This strategic success cemented Unilever’s position as a leader in the digital hair care domain.

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