Unilever: Efficient Search Optimization by Greenhow Digital

Client Background

Unilever, a multinational consumer goods company, was grappling with inefficiencies due to overlapping search terms across its product range…


Greenhow Digital’s analysis revealed significant search term overlap, causing marketing inefficiencies and heightened costs…


Identifying a chance to refine Unilever’s search strategy, Greenhow Digital aimed to establish distinct search territories for each product…


The strategy entailed creating distinct ‘swimming lanes’ for each product, optimizing their search presence through tailored content and term identification…


Greenhow Digital’s approach yielded transformative outcomes for Unilever:

  • 60% reduction in overlapping search costs.
  • Distinct search territories resulted in enhanced product visibility and performance.
  • Increased ROI with streamlined, efficient marketing strategies.
  • Significant growth in organic search traffic and user engagement.

This refined search strategy not only cut costs but also elevated Unilever’s overall market presence.

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